Anderson Dental uses cutting-edge technology to enhance the quality, safety, and comfort of your dental care.

iCat 3D Imaging System

Implant dentistry is the most advanced therapy available to replace missing teeth. Dental implant restorations generally look, feel, and act like natural teeth. iCat also allows us to more accurately assess your oral health, revealing precise locations of canals and infections much more clearly than traditional X-rays.

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Our DEXIS digital X-ray system reduces the amount of radiation you receive by more than 90% compared to traditional X-rays.

Our practice is committed to bringing you the safest, highest quality care, and our new digital X-ray system is one way we’re honoring that commitment. The state-of-the-art system enables us to provide superior diagnostics to our patients while significantly reducing exposure to ionizing radiation.

DEXIS digital X-ray technology allows us to instantly display, enhance, and magnify images on a large computer screen, where our patients can see conditions such as cavities and structural weaknesses in their teeth. It’s a wonderful tool for helping patients fully understand their treatment options.


DIAGNOdent is a small dental laser that enables us to detect cavities when they are smaller, allowing us to perform a more conservative restoration. Also, unlike dental X-rays, DIAGNOdent doesn’t use ionizing radiation, allowing us to keep a close eye on suspicious areas without the added health risks associated with X-rays.

You may not realize it, but even the tiniest spot of decay can mean trouble for your teeth. That’s why we’re careful to identify and fill cavities as soon as they appear: it’s the key to preventing future problems. Cavities can hide inside little fissures that are prevalent on back teeth. While mechanical exploratory methods typically find only those cavities that are at as large as a probe head, DIAGNOdent is a revolutionary means of detecting smaller cavities that gives us incredibly accurate and thorough information.


SomnoDent is a custom-fitted device that was developed specifically to treat obstructive sleep apnea and associated snoring. It works by moving the lower jaw forward, allowing tissues at the back of the throat to relax, preventing the tongue from obstructing the airway, and letting you get a quieter, safer night’s sleep.

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